Sunday, August 10, 2014

I have WON every race I have entered

"2nd place is 1st loser," Professional Golfer Jack Nicklaus.  

"I have won every race I have ever entered."  That is my mindset toeing the start line of each race I undertake. It does not matter where I place in the official standings from prior events, to set my mind right for what I am about to undertake - "I have won everything, have never lost and I am confident in my abilities."

Over the past two weeks, I have been asked to run at some events, speak at others and be part of a running panel.  Questions have been asked, for instance how do you overcome failed attempts and self doubting statements raised like I am really not a runner and I am not that fast.
I thought I would take this post to let all of you know...
You are a runner
You are fast
You have succeeded
And here is how I explain this.
You are a runner - because you are out there, on the course, pounding the pavement while 98% of America is sitting on the couch.
You are fast - because there will always be someone somewhere that is faster than you and slower than you, race your race.  Again, you are faster than couch potato!
You have succeeded - because you signed up, you trained and you gave it your best effort. Yes, sometimes races do not go according to plan but you learn from those experiences and apply that to your next race.  It is never a failure it is a lesson.  
There have been races in my career that I posted a DNF.  It takes me awhile to work through it but in the end it stands for Did Not Fulfill.  For me, it means there is a lesson that was to be learned.  Find it, learn it, apply it and race again.  Every race that I posted a DNF, I went back to right the wrong, conquer the challenge and turned the meaning of DNF into Did Not Forfeit!  
We are all athletes.  Some are faster, some are slower, some cover short distances others cover longer distances.  We have had races go off without a hitch while others it seemed like we should have just stayed in bed.  Every time you get yourself out of bed, change into your running clothes and lace up your shoes, you win. You beat the slouch, the sloppy lazy devil that begs you to sleep and stay in bed.  I have said this to so many runners, "You are your biggest cheerleader."  Celebrate the small steps on the way to the big race, it will set your mind in a good place on the start line.  It will give you something to remember and encourage yourself when you "hit the wall."  
If plans should go awry, there are always other races and more opportunities.  Find the lesson, apply it and work to be victorious.  
I am starting to gear up for Hallucination, the first weekend in September.  My training takes a turn to log miles and time on tired legs.  Next week I will post my results but my training week shapes up as follows;
Monday-90 minutes on the bike
Tuesday-45 minute Quad busting hill workout
Wednesday-120 minutes on the bike
Thursday-90 tempo run
Friday-60 minutes in the pool
Saturday-13 mile am run, 9 mile pm run
Sunday-18 mile am run, 9 mile pm run
Sometime during the week, Margarita my masseuse will make a visit and work out the kinks I will have put in my legs.

I am undefeated and I have won every race!

One foot in front of the other means you are never going backwards.

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