Sunday, July 13, 2014

Am I Hallucinating??

With my pilgrimage into Social Media this year my old worlds have collided with new worlds. Last night I went to an annual Summer party and reunited with some friends I have not seen since grammar school.  Yes Gail, Lena, Mary and Tracey when we first saw each other I thought I had fallen into another dimension.  30 years has passed but we picked right up where we left off and all of you look exactly how I remember you from those days. 
I hate to admit this but I have started thinking about my Fall ultras.  Not only did my Summer racing season not go as planned but also I believe Summer did not go as planned.
Many of you know I am not a fan of the cold, cloudy, rainy or snowy weather.  Well, why do I stay in Chicago then?  I often ask myself that very question.  Give me sun, give me hot temperatures, make me toil in humidity and I am happy.  This Summer has yet to provide a consistent number of days that meet my criteria but maybe those days will happen in December.....I'm just saying.
This morning I was thinking about my next ultra and as I knocked off two loops (9 miles) thoughts turned to the Hallucination 100.  
It is September 5-7, 2014 and is a 16.6 mile loop course held in Pinckney, MI.  I have crew members signed up to assist me and it's loops!  Lessons learned from earlier this year will be put into practice.  Crew members and pacers are a big part of my support.  Loops are an added bonus, that allow me to make adjustments throughout the race.  I will know where to push the pace, know where to scale back, know when to walk away and know when to run...(Kenny Rogers anyone?)  Point being in my ultra career I have learned that loops don't just mean, "Hey I have seen that before."  I now know to educate myself on how to run those loops.  I can dissect the course into parts that suit my strengths and need care for my weaknesses.  
For those who want to take a look here is the race website, Hallucination 100.  I am really looking forward to this race as it has a party atmosphere wrapped around it.  The 100 mile ultra starts on Friday afternoon so those who finish around 24 hours can enjoy the party Saturday night.  
I am keeping this week's blog short and sweet so you can get out there and enjoy the Summer weather (ahem). As far as my training schedule goes here is what I am looking to accomplish.
Monday 9 miles
Tuesday 13 miles
Wednesday Hill work (anyone want to join me?)
Thursday 13 miles
Friday 13 miles
Saturday 18 miles

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