Monday, May 26, 2014

Crunching the numbers

Sometimes life gets in the way of training, other times training is my way of life.  

Getting to the meat and potatoes of training, I have two weeks until Kettle 100 so as life gets in the way, here is how my week shapes up and my thoughts with the training plan.  
Sunday, May 25 -13.5 miles at an aerobic fat burning level. Total time 2:06:27, avg. hr 149.
Monday, May 26 - gave myself the COMPLETE day off.  Napped on & off. Training's working!
Tuesday, May 27 am - 5 mile run. A little tempo, just to make my heart & lungs work.
Tuesday, May 27 pm - 60 minutes in the pool. Non pounding, cross training.
Wednesday, May 28 am/pm - 5 mile runs (total 10 miles), just cruising speed.
Thursday, May 29 am - 5 mile run injected with some speed.
Friday, May 30 am - 5 mile run easy.
Saturday, May 31 - 13.5 miles at aerobic levels.

At night I have planned 30 minutes of ab work, as my core still needs some strengthening.  The back half of any ultra, you always need a solid core to keep your form in a good upright posture. 

I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed by training hours, to hate yourself for sleeping in and missing a session, to choose everyone else and not be selfish with choosing yourself but in the end I always subscribe to the motto, "better to show up to the start line 10% under-trained than 1% over-trained.  We are now in the season of graduations, friends and family gatherings and as the weather finally warms up distractions from training are in full swing.  So write out your training plan, hang it on the frig, post it on Facebook or tell everyone about it.  It's okay to cut it short, miss a session and take a full rest day.  Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.  
I have not had the best training going into Kettle but my mind is focused on the task at hand and I will take the next two weeks to make sure I am on the start line healthy.

P.S. Yes, those are our babies!  Hilo, my Big Kahuna and Kona Bean (ridge on her nose).  

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  1. Your dogs are very cute! I hope you had a good turnout at Old Town tonight. Have a great taper week!